Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Coupons and FREE Pom Pom Scarf Pattern!!


First, thanks for visiting!!

PDDesigns is offering TWO great deals for your holiday shopping!!!

Next, I bought a ton of this gorgeous Pom Pom yarn on sale...this one happens to be Michael's version Loops & Thread Pom Pom Yarn.

I decided this yarn would make a gorgeous accessory scarf to liven up any outfit!!

The pattern is beneath the photo...FREE....enjoy!
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Now, onto the fun!!


One half skein of Michaels Loops & Threads Pom Pom Yarn (or other similar pom pom yarn)
Size J (6mm) hook

When working with the pom pom yarn, you are only working with the strands between the pompoms.

1. Make a slip knot. Ch 1.
2. Count up 3 pom poms and slip stitch the next strand into the ch on hook.
3. Count up 1 pom pom and slip stitch again.
4. Count up 4 pom poms and slip stitch.
5. Count up 1 pom pom and slip stitch.
6. Repeat rows 2-5 until scarf reaches desired length. (mine is 72" so you can wrap a few times)
7. Tie off in a knot and done!!



  1. Thanks so much! Such a quick, beautiful, and fun scarf! Will be making this again! Many blessings!

  2. Thank you so much for this pattern!! I bought several skeins of pom pom yarn on clearance with no idea what to do with it and barely able to single crochet!!

  3. Would you happen to have any of the grey and yellow pom pom yarn left over that you would like to part with? I need 3 skeins for a baby blanket and am having no luck finding it! :) Thanks!

  4. I apologize, but I only bought 1 skein.
    Have you tried contacting Michael's corporate to see if you can acquire it through them?